Grow Green Rakhi

Grow Green Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan, popularly known as rakhi, is a festival observed to show admiration to the sacred and unconditional bond between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan in Sanskrit means “the tie or knot of protection” it is an ancient Vedic festival which is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the month of Shravan (August).
Sisters all across the world lookout to buy rakhi for their brothers. The designing of rakhis has evolved over the years from a plain thread to ones which are extremely stylish and have intricate designs. There are rakhis for different age groups as well, those with younger siblings often look for rakhis with cartoons and fun motifs, whereas for your elder brother something more intricate and elegant is more appropriate.

As nostalgic and emotional as Rakhis are, we all end up getting rid of them, once the threads snap. But little do we realise that these rakhis may have been made from plastic, and chemical colours, and so, they harm the environment. However, why not get one that will live on and is also eco-friendly?


The “Grow Green Rakhi” is our little attempt to nurture the environment we live in, along with celebrating the unique bond of a brother and a sister.
It’s time to understand the true meaning of being Eco-Friendly and implement certain changes in our lifestyle. Be it switching to greener fuels, minimizing the use of plastic from our lives or something as small as choosing an environment-conscious rakhi.
This year, celebrate Raksha Bandhan with our special eco-friendly Rakhis. This Product is 100% eco-friendly, the outer box includes- One Rakhi, Instruction Card, A biodegradable planter and a packet of soil. The clay base dissolves in the soil and the seeds secured at the edges grow into a flowery plant.

Why choose our Grow Green Clay Rakhi:

They Are Biodegradable

Only 100% biodegradable materials are the prime ingredients of the eco-friendly rakhis. From the thread to the packaging these rakhis come in, we try to make everything from recycled products.

One Can Plant Them

These Rakhis have seeds embedded which can be planted. You can remove the thread and directly put the clay-based rakhi into a pot or planter. We even provide you with a packet of soil and a planter, so that you don’t need to get anything from outside to help you plant it. Our entire package comes with everything you need! It will then grow into a green plant with the help of sufficient sunlight, water, and plant food.

Gives Back to Mother Earth

It is strange how we keep taking resources from Mother Earth and hardly cares about returning to her. The eco-friendly rakhi is a great step to do your bit for the Mother Earth. Made from biodegradable materials, these rakhis won’t cause any harm to the environment.

They are Handmade 

Each rakhi is handmade with clay and hand-painted with eco-friendly colours and lots of love and care. We give you the chance to choose from over 20+ designs across 4 themes: Elements of Earth, Elements of Nature, Quirky and Personalised, we even have designs for your sisters and bhabhi’s! You name it and we have it!

Nurture the bond of a brother and sister with a rakhi that stays with you long after the festival is over. This is the perfect package for your loved one!

Go Green before the Green goes.

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richard smith

richard smith

Wonderful blog post. I hope you keep this up!
Rakhi is the pure bonding between sisters and brothers.It is the festival which celebrates the unconditional love among all brothers and sisters all over the world.
you can also get some green rakhi gifts from –

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